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Temporary Hiedanranta is a part of Hiedanranta Development Programme which develops the are of Hiedanranta into a future city district. Temporary Hiedanranta refers not only to the manifold cultural activities in Hiedanranta but also those creating the area and its urban culture. Hiedanranta is made together with companies, research organizations, citizens and communities.

We welcome you to develop Hiedanranta with us!

Contact details:

Sini Jussila
Project Manager
Temporary Hiedanranta / Ecofellows Ltd.
+358 40 125 3703


If you are interested in renting facilities for your business in Hiedanranta, contact:

Petteri Kähärä
Enquiries for rental facilities
Realia Management Oy
010 228 1233

Further information about Hiedanranta Development Programme:

Hiedanranta on Facebook​​​​​​​.